What Do You Think?

Reflecting on the Civil War Novels you have read, write a response that shares your thoughts about the following:
  • Which book did you like best and why?
  • Which book gave you the most in-depth understanding of how people FELT during the Civil War--towards other races and other classes as well as the two sides of the conflict? Give examples.
  • Which book gave you the most information about the facts of the war--battles won and lost, important people or events and cause and effects? Again, give examples.
  • And, finally, which book did you like the least and why?

Feel free to disagree with a fellow student if you don't agree with their assessment of a book--while you certainly can't disagree with their feelings, you can challenge their opinions.



Will Page is the main character that had his father die in the Civil War. He goes to live with his uncle. He figures out that his Uncle Jed didn’t join the war and has trouble dealing with him. He also has difficulties living there. A boy named Hank is very rude to him. He doesn’t understand his uncle who invited a Yankee, which made him mad. Throughout the book he learns to live life in a different way.


My favorite book is Ghost Cadet. This book is my favorite because it is about the battle of New Market, which involved the cadets from the Virginia Military Institute in Lexington, Virginia. This book is about a boy named Benjamin whose mom sent him and his sister, Fran, to their grandmother that they have never met! Benjy’s grandma happens to live in the city of New Market. Her house is only a little bit away from the Field Of Lost Shoes where the battle of New Market took place. While Benjy was visiting the battlefield he happened to meet a ghost. Benjy later found out that that ghost was Cadet William Hugh McDowell, who was one of ten cadets who died in the battle of New Market. Hugh tells Benjy about a watch that he lost the day of the battle and asked Benjy to help him find it. Will Benjy and Hugh find the watch? Read the book to find out. I recommend this book to all kids and adults. I hope you enjoythe book.


Shades of Gray

All of Will’s family died in the Civil War. Then he had to go to his uncle’s house. His uncle didn’t believe in the Civil War. Will couldn’t really understand why he didn’t believe in the Civil War. Will was really mad that he had to go to his uncle’s. Will had to do a lot of chores at his uncle’s. The docter sent him a letter that said you could live with him. Will said no to leaving. At the end he started to like his uncle.

Ghost Cadet

Ghost Cadet is about a person named Hugh who is killed in the Battle of New Market during the Civil War. He meets a person named Benjy who becomes his friend. Benjy helps Hugh find his gold watch that he lost in the battle after he watched the battle (it goes back in time to the battle). After the battle he finds the watch and he takes it to VMI so it can be placed where it belongs. This is my favorite book because it had true facts like… Hugh was a real soldier! He did also lose a watch but in real life he never found the watch. I also like it because the book also was from a kid’s point of view and it was always fun to read! I would recommend this book to anyone!

Ghost Cadet
By Jared

Ghost Cadet is about a boy named Benjy who goes to New Market with his older sister for his summer vacation to see his divorced dad’s mother. At first he wasn’t to happy but on the bus ride to there he saw a tree shaking and then he was interested in the battlefield. After he met his grandmother he went to the battlefield and found Hugh a ghost cadet in the VMI military institute of the civil war. Hugh told Ben his tragedies. Hugh lost his family heirloom (a gold watch) when he was killed battle and can’t move on if he can find it. Ben tries to help Hugh remember and find the watch but Hugh does not know where it is. Then one day the battle happens again and after the battle Ben finds the watch and puts it in the museum. Now Hugh can move on. I would recommend this book to anybody.